We’ve been training Basketball players since 2005 and have  seen significant growth in the number of players that we train and also tremendous improvement in their skills!

Our program focuses on looking at each player as an individual and challenging them at their level.  This effort is done in a positive way and lets the players know that we care about them and want to see them achieve their goals.

We offer various forms of training; Group sessions, Private sessions and Team practices.

Our groups sessions are designed to work on 3 core skills (Ball handling, Footwork & Shooting mechanics) every time they come in.  This takes up the first half of the session and then we move into game simulation and working on different aspects of the game, broken down into skill development sessions.  The whole idea is to give them enough looks at a certain aspect of the game, so that when they see it the game… They’ll just “Read & React” to the situation.

Speed & Agility

We’ve recently started our Speed & Agility program back up (March 2014) and we’re really excited to be offering this again! We really believe that this program is a vital component of any athlete as they work to get their body in top shape.  Not only this, but by participating in this type of training, they’ll be in a much better position to avoid injuries…

Our hope is that everyone that trains with us will also take part in this training.  We feel very strongly that this program is a necessary additional component to our Sport specific Skill based training.

We continue to strive to improve our programs and create new opportunities for players, with additional programs and events throughout the year!  We also have affiliations with Adidas and their elite camps, so if we feel someone is ready we can get them special invitations to attend their elite camps!  

Note: You can see even more information concerning our programs on our Services Page!