Basic Package: $160.00
(8 one hour sessions)

Plus Package: $288.00
(16 one hour sessions)

 Gold Package: $384.00
(24 one hour sessions)

Sibling Discount packages (only applies to our regular Basic Package):

First child purchases the Basic package at full price ($160), all other siblings in the family get 20% off the Basic package price. 20% off – $128.00 (8 one hour sessions)

Private sessions: $60 an hour
(These must be pre-arranged)

Specific clinics or Team training sessions are available, but have to be coordinated with the Basketball Director!

Once you decide what package you want to go with, you can go to our online Marketplace page by pressing the “Shop” menu item to make the purchase.

You can also pay at the gym with a Credit Card, Cash, Check or Debit card.


* All package prices listed above are for our group training sessions and you have 12 months to use them before they expire.

* Our Referral program is an incentive program that allows you to help spread the word about out training.  If a player ends up purchasing a package, then you’ll qualify for the referral.  So, for every player that you refer, you’ll get a FREE session added to your account.