Our group sessions are our most attended classes. In this setting, we try to keep our participant numbers down to allow for a proper ratio of players to coaches.

These sessions are 1 hour long and consist of core fundamentals that we believe are essential for all players to compete with the various sports that they might be training for.

Check the Prices page for all the different packages that we offer and the Calendar page to see when and where our training sessions are scheduled!


Individual one on one training sessions are designed to give particular attention to a certain aspect of a players game. These are scheduled with the Director and the designed focus is discussed and agreed upon, prior to scheduling the session.

These sessions are usually designed for our more elite players, but that’s not to say that this isn’t available for everyone in the program.

This type of session will not only work on a given focus area, but will also include discussions on the mental parts of the game for focus area being worked on.

This type of training is a different cost and you should consult the Prices page for the details. Special consideration and arrangements are available.


Clinics are available on a team basis and have to be coordinated with the Director. These clinics will focus on core elements that are taught and re-enforced during our Group sessions. There will also be room for specific focus areas that the Coach of the team will be able to coordinate in advance with the Director.

The cost of these clinics are based on the number of participants and the length of time that the clinic will take. These clinics can be 1 hour or span multiple hours, on multiple days.

The Director will have to be directly involved with understanding the requirements of the clinic and work with the Coach of the organization to come up with the total cost.

If you are interested, contact the Director


Periodically DeRosier Basketball Academy will promote or sponsor Skill Camps. These camps will focus on core skills, along with giving the participants a well rounded experience.

There will also be times where there will be specific Position type of camps offered. These camps will focus on specific core skills and will also drill down into the very details it takes to be successful with that skill.

All of these camps will be advertised in local papers and communicated to various schools and AAU teams in the area.

So watch the papers for any upcoming announcements concerning DeRosier Basketball Academy Camps!