“Coach DeRosier is GREAT with the players and TEACHING the game the right way!”

Joe Keller – Adidas Phenom Camps



 “Quality Teacher & Coach…  He’ll build Confidence and Character, as well as Improve their SKILLS!”

Bruce Brown (NAIA Champions of Character) – Proactive Coaching



“My daughter, Brooke came to Coach Joe at the beginning of her 7th grade year.  Her shooting form was bad and her ability to shoot a wide variety of shots was low.  Coach Joe taught Brooke fundamental shooting form and re-enforced good shooting form every session.  One and a half years later, Brooke’s shooting form is fundamentally solid.  Joe also provided training to improve Brooke’s reaction to what a defender gives her and make an explosive move off the dribble to get open and take the shot.  Joe also ran Brooke through many very good defensive drills and rebounding drills.  Going to the basketball training sessions has given Brooke all the fundamentals she needs as she starts her HS career as a 9th grader!

Thanks Joe!  We highly recommend your training to everyone we talk to!”

Bryan Paulson – Parent



“Joe and his staff at are doing such a great job helping kids build their confidence.  The coaching and respect you and your staff give to the kids truly shows in every training session.  My son and daughter started training with Joe 3 years ago and they still attend to work and keep building the skills of the game.  The one on one sessions really made a difference in my son’s game and his size on the court.  For my daughter Joe really brought out an intense basketball player with a great jump shot!”

Suzanne Stelig – Parent



 “Joe and his training team provided the right tools and the right teaching style to complement my daughter’s commitment.  The results were her making the Junior High Team, increasing her confidence, and most importantly teaching her a great life lesson about how to achieve a goal.  Joe’s teaching style provides a lot more than just basketball technique.  From the beginning, Joe’s team invested the individual advice and mentorship that kept my daughter excited about the training.”

Dan Dent – Parent



“Joe DeRosier has made such a difference in my daughter’s game.  Amanda started with Joe almost six months ago.  At that time she was a good ball handler, but could hardly make a free throw.  Her size is a big challenge, but Joe has shown her how to overcome that challenge.  We are glad to say that her shooting has improved noticeably.  No more air ball free throws and she is now shooting more consistently in and outside her shooting range. I am confident that as time goes on and with additional training she will continue to improve and enhance her game.  Thank you Joe and all your great coaches!”

Kelly Lance – Parent



 “Thought you would like to know that my son made the team. Tryouts were killers with practice at 5:30am and the tryouts from 5-7pm. Long days. My son said that he “ruled” at lines so the Agility training really made a difference. They had shoot offs and he won every one, so all your drills and shot coaching really shined. Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for helping him make his dreams a reality. All the hard work would not have given him the tools without your expertise and talent coaching basketball. We appreciate your time, commitment and energy that you put into every practice – just tremendous!”

Linda Gerull – Parent



 “Thank you so much for your training style and approach!  We have taken classes at other training facilities and your compassion and style is so family and kid orientated!  With our boys only being in elementary school, I love that you are able to adjust the training as they grow and push and encourage them to achieve their goals!  Both the boys have made so much progress that we always have people asking us what we are doing with them.  Especially with my oldest son, trying to maintain his dream of playing basketball while living with his blood disorder.  He will go into remission one day and you should know that by making great training affordable for the average family, you will have something to do with not only his basketball skills but his mental health throughout his journey in making his body well again!  Thank you for being so supportive, flexible, and great at what you do!!!”

Tanya Urps – Parent



 “Thanks so much for your fabulous basketball training.  Our son has benefited both from your individualized attention as well as the ‘Team work’ scenarios you give the kids during their sessions.  Josh began basketball rather late (in the spectrum of things) and was still able to make his 9th grade team this year!  He appreciated your support during his week of try-outs.  Your words of wisdom were invaluable!  Thanks again!” 

Pam Paszke – Parent



 “Thanks to Coach DeRosier, my son’s High School coach now says his shot is fundamentally perfect.”

Kim Spevak – Parent



 “My two sons’ are playing a lot better now. Giving both boys a left hand has really elevated their games.”

Greg Wetterhaus – Parent



 “I’m writing to let you know that your basketball program has helped my son tremendously with confidence.  Although basketball is not his number one sport, he debated about trying out for his school team this year.  After attending a few of your sessions, it gave him the confidence to try out, make the team and he even earned himself a starting position.  The skills he learned from your program are invaluable.  I only wish he had time to attend more often. “

Carmen Pollastro – Parent



“This may not merit as “Testimonial” status, but I just wanted you to know Andrew passed up going to the NBA game last week so that he could attend your training.  That was a 1st for Andrew!”

Troy Westover – Parent



“Last week, my 7th grade Grandson’s Jr. High team played the top team in the league.  He scored 19 points and with 5 seconds left in the game, he made the winning basket.  The 1st thing he said to me after the game was;  Wow, the training I got from Joe really paid off!”

MK – GrandParent



 “I wanted to let you know that your time with my son, Garrett, contributed to him making the middle school team.  Since my son is NOT on a year round select team, it was critical he got some training to help him with try outs since this is the only sport he likes.  By middle school, it is common for schools to cut up to 50% of those that try out.  Well;  Garrett made it!  He was thrilled.  He had a great season playing with some amazing players.  Thank you for your help and we plan to continue so we can try again for 8th grade next year!!”

Natalie Barnes – Parent