About Us

Welcome to the DeRosier Basketball Academy!

Our mission & Purpose is to provide a place for athletes to come and be challenged in preparation to achieving the next level.  We’ve been training Basketball players now since 2005.  We started as “Advantage Sports” in Washington State and we saw significant growth over the years.  We started with a handful of players to training over 350 players’ year-around.  We want to recreate that same thing, here in the East Valley; a place for players to come and get the skill development training that they’re looking for!

We take a look at each player as an individual and challenge them to continue to make strides towards the next level of play. The challenge to them is real and allows them to set a goal to push towards. All of these challenges are done in a positive manner, where the athlete knows that the coaches really care about them as individuals.  We offer various forms of training; Group sessions, Private sessions and Team practices.  Our group sessions are designed to work on 3 core skills (Ball handling, Footwork & Shooting mechanics) every time they come in.  This takes up the first half of the session and then we move into game simulations and working on different aspects of the game, broken down into skill development drills.  The whole idea is to give them enough looks at a certain aspect of the game, so that when they see it in the game… They’ll just “Read & React” to the situation.

Just remember that preparing for SUCCESS only gets you half way there. The next step is the hardest – Training for Success!


Note: You can see even more information concerning our programs on our Services Page!